Baby Cable-brimmed Hat $15


I gave a pair of baby boots to my friend Amanda and later she requested that I make her a hat too. This cable-rimmed beanie may be simple in design, but the button adds the little bit of spunk it needs to be adorable!  The hat goes great with the boots!

A local women’s shelter has requested homemade newborn hats so I am using my extra yarn to work up several of these to donate. Here are some of the fun colors!

2016-11-09 13.10.37.jpg

If you would like to purchase an item or order a custom creation, email me at I will contact you about payment and shipping (additional $5 for s&h). Payment options: PayPal, cash, or check.

See the About page for color options.


Large newborn/0-3 months hat:

Use H hook. Work in the round until Row 16 and use a stitch marker to track your rounds. Starting with Row 16, the chain 2 counts as a stitch.

st = stitch

sl st = slip stitch

hdc = half-double crochet

inc = increase (two hdc in the same stitch)

dc = double crochet

fpdc = front-post double crochet

Row 1: Magic ring and ch 2. Hdc 8 times. [8]

Row 2: *Hdc in 3 st, inc.* Repeat. [10]

Row 3: *Inc in each st.* Repeat [20]

Row 4: *Inc, hdc in next st.* Repeat. [30]

Row 5: *Inc, hdc in next 2 st.* Repeat. [40]

Row 6: *Hdc in next 7 st, inc.* Repeat. [45]

Row 7: *Hdc in next 8 st, inc.* Repeat. [50]

Row 8-15: Hdc in each st around. [50]

Row 16: Sl st into next stitch and ch 2 (ch 2 counts as first stitch). *Dc in next st, hdc in next st.* Repeat around and end with a dc in the last stitch. Sl st in top of ch. [50]

Row 17: Ch 2. *Fpdc around the previous row’s dc, hdc in next st.* Repeat and sl st in top of ch. [50]

Row 18-19: Ch 2. *Fpdc around the previous row’s fpdc, hdc in next st.* Repeat and sl st in top of ch. [50]

Finish off and weave in ends.


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